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A sitcom actress has lost her cellphone on which she has stored some sensitive videos. She must decide whether to follow the example of her character and give full and frank disclosure to her partner.

Official Selection, Manchester International Short Film and Animation Festival

Official Selection, Birmingham Film Festival; Nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Production Design

Official Selection, Los Angeles International Student Film Festival

Official Seelction, Film Festival of Columbus

Official Selection, Stockholm Independent Film Festival

Official Selection, Short to the Point Film Festival

Official Selection, Central Michigan International Film Festival


Director: Marcus C. W. Chan

Writer: Marcus C. W. Chan

Producer: Marcus C. W. Chan

Starring: Celeste Busa, Rich Finley

Director of Photography: Sam Icklow

Editor: Marcus C. W. Chan

Production Designer: Gemma Fenol

Costume Designer: Caitlin Leyden




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